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SAIM, through SAIM College, offers different academic programs such as BBA under affiliation with Pokhara University which is established under its own charter passed by the Parliament in 1997. Faculty of SAIM College are also involved in taking classes at the MBA program in the School of Business, Pokhara University.

SAIM is an institutional member of Association of Management Development Institute of South Asian (AMDISA). AMDISA was chartered in 1988 as a network of Management Education and Management Development Institutions in South Asia to help ensure continuous improvement in quality of management education and management development. It is a body recognized by SAARC.

With a view to develop regional and international academic linkages, SAIM has signed a Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. The MOU covers a wide range of collaborative activities between the two institutions like faculty exchange, student exchange, joint research, development of teaching materials and cases, organizing national and international conferences among others. Both the institutions have also agreed to work towards offering innovative and relevant academic programs jointly and to help each other in the process of institution building through exchange of educational and teaching materials and support in development of appropriate curricula and other facilities.