Program Objective


BBA Program at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University is designed to prepare professional managers and entrepreneurs needed for the nation. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of management. The objectives of the program are to:

  • Prepare students for professional career in business or public management at entry level managerial position.
  • Inculcate positive attitudes, abilities and practical skills that are essential for a socially responsible and competent manager.
  • Develop adequate foundation for higher studies in management.


Duration of the Course

The BBA Program is an intensive 4-year course stretched over eight semester of full time study, with every academic year having two semesters. The Fall Semester starts in September and the spring semester in March. Students are normally admitted to the program in the fall semester. Maximum duration allowed for the BBA program to be completed is six years i.e.,12 semesters. Students are required to complete internship and project work during their study period. After completion of the course requirements students are awarded Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) by Pokhara University.