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    Things you should do for career success | SAIM College

    How do students prepare themselves in their college life for future career success? For most students, their undergraduate career starts in their late teens or early 20s. It is a great opportunity to redefine yourself and lay the foundation for the rest of your life. As a college student, many...


    BBA Colleges in Nepal | How to choose the best one?

    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree has become incredibly popular in Nepal over the last decades. There is a multitude of reasons for choosing a BBA degree over others. One of the key reasons we often hear from our students is that BBA course covers in-depth knowledge with practical app...


    Everything you need to know about the MBA Global Business at SAIM College

    A MBA Global Business degree is ideal for students who want to gain highly sought after skills in business and management for their career success. As there are so many business schools in Nepal offering different types of MBA programme to choose from, you might be wondering about which MBA degre...


    Why Start Your Career with a BBA college in Kathmandu | SAIM College

    Why Start Your Career with a BBA college in Kathmandu   Have you ever dreamt of having an important role in a major business firm or corporation? Or maybe you’ve thought of building your own business empire? Well, you may or may not know that all your future in the business world st...


    5 tips for college students to develop good study habits

    Have you ever thought what sets apart the most successful student in college from the average ones? Some students are able to accomplish academic achievements with good GPA despite putting less time and effort in their study. On the other hand, there are students who appear to be bookworms, study al...


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    South Asian Institute of Management believes in the fact that the only way to bring positive change in society is to have consistency in what is felt, said and done..... My association with SAIM is almost 10 years long and I believe that one of the best thing that happened to me is my decision to...