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Full-time Faculty

One of the major strengths of SAIM College is its faculty members who are well-qualified and experienced with adequate exposure to their areas and constantly update and develop their expertise through research, consulting and training. The faculty is highly committed, dedicated and passionate in grooming students in building their capabilities as leaders and managers and helping them explore the latest management thinking so they gain knowledge, skills, and insight into all critical areas of general management. Inviting CEOs as visiting faculty from business houses and reputed academic institutions to share their experiences with the students and provide them practical insight into the managerial problems is a common practice in SAIM.

Bijay K.C, Professor and Dean
Ph.D., Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, India
MBA, Temple University, USA
M.Com, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Areas of Interest: Corporate Finance, Capital markets and Strategy.
Bijay K.C

Ashok R. Pandey, Professor and Principal
MBA, Harvard University, USA
Areas of Interest: Finanace and Investment
Ashok R.Pandey

Shakti S.Rana, Professor
Ph.D., Hawaii and the East West Centre, USA
MBA, Hawaii and the East West Centre, USA
Areas of Interest: Data Telecommunications, Information Processing (retrieval, storage, and dissemination), Information Technology and Systems, Quantitative Methods, and Communications Policy.
Shakti S.Rana

Sabina Tuladhar, Assistant Professor Senior
MBA, Kathmandu University
Areas of Interest: Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior.
Sabina Tuladhar

Bishnu Dev Pant, Professor
Ph.D., Indian Statistical Institute, India
Areas of Interest: Economics, Develpoment, Statistics and National Accounts.
Bishnu Dev Pant

Prakiash Chandra Lohani, Adjunct Faculty
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angles, USA
MBA, Indiana University, USA
Areas of Interest: Economics, Finance and Development
Prakash Chandra Lohani

Madhukar S.J.B Rana, Adjunct Faculty
MA Economics, McMaster University, Canada
Areas of Interest: Economics, General Management, Human Resource Management
Madhukar S.J.B Rana

Rameshore Prashad Khanal, Professor
MBA & Com. (TU), AICWA, India.
Areas of Interest:Finance and Accounting
Rameshore Prashad Khanal

Pradumna Rana, Professor
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, USA
MA, Michigan State University, USA
Areas of Interest: Economics and Development, Finance, Trade
Pradumna Rana

Radhesh Pant, Adjunct Faculty
MBA, Anderson Graduate School,
University of California at Los Angles, USA
Areas of Interest: Finance and General Management.
Radhesh Pant

Regan Prasain, Lecturer and Program Coordinator
MBA (Global Business), SAIM College,
Pokhara University
Areas of Interest: Accountancy, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
Regan Prasain

Sreejan Shrestha,Lecturer and Program Coordinator
MBA (Global Business), SAIM College,
Pokhara University
Areas of Interest: Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing Communication, Business Communication
Sreejan Shrestha