MBA (Global Business)

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Master of Business Administration (Global Business)

MBA GLOBAL BUSINESS Program is an intensive two-year course stretched over six terms of full time study, with every year comprising three terms (trimesters). With the increasing trend of globalization and the integration of economic activities of nations around the world, a rapidly unifying South Asia is emerging as one of the important hubs for world trade, investment, technology generation and transfer, which is expected to open up many corresponding opportunities for the region. Therefore, managers and the business community in Nepal can no longer remain placid and complacent of this trend.

The MBA (Global Business) Program, unlike traditional/general MBA programs that deal more with decision-making tools and functional areas, provides more exposure to global trends and management practices. The MBA (Global Business) Program thus provides candidates a wider exposure to global business environment and practices and is not in itself a specialized course on global business. Like a regular MBA, a student has to specialize either in Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, et cetera as per his/her choice in the MBA (Global Business) Program.

The MBA (Global Business) Program is designed with the objective of preparing managers who are well-conversant not only with the latest managerial concepts, tools and techniques, but also with the global and regional trends in businesses so that they can take up the challenges of leading and managing their organizations by building a distinct competitive edge in the global and regional context.

The core, functional, and analytical courses in MBA (Global Business) Program are corresponding to those in regular/general MBA programs. In addition to these, MBA (Global Business) has courses like International Management, International Strategic Management, Business and Development in South and South East Asia, and Cross-cultural Communication that accentuate the candidate’s exposure to global business.

The MBA (Global Business) Program is a step-up from the Master in Management (MM) Program that SAIM College offered previously, which was designed and administered in collaboration with Kathmandu University and ran from 2007 to 2010, the final class of which graduated in 2011.

The Master in Management Program was jointly designed by Kathmandu University and South Asian Institute of Management with a view to prepare managers and entrepreneurs for South Asian nations through an intensive two-year course stretched over six trimesters of full time study, with every academic year having three trimesters.

South Asian Institute of Management commenced as an educational entity with its first MM batch enrollment in 2007 and had three classes graduate on October 23, 2009, December 8, 2010, and October 31, 2011 on the 15th, 16th, and 17th graduation ceremonies of Kathmandu University.

The MM program had rigorous theoretical instructions complemented by case-based teaching, term-paper writing, seminars, and project works to emphasize on the application of concepts and theories to identify, diagnose, and solve managerial problems.

SAIM College started the MBA (Global Business) program under regulations of Pokhara University in 2010.