MBA (Global Business)

Teaching Pedagogy & Learning Values

The SAIM MBA (Global Business) Program adopts rigorous theoretical instruction complemented by case-based teaching, term-paper writing, seminars and project work to emphasize on the application of concepts and theories to identify, diagnose and solve managerial problems. Up-to-date and relevant course materials are used to provide students with a solid theoretical base and conceptual clarity. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on active participation and involvement of students in learning with the role of a faculty member mostly confined to that of a guide and counselor. Students are also encouraged to consult the faculty during office hours for academic assistance. SAIM also adopts a critical approach to learning which offers the students long lasting benefits than conventional management courses.

Learning values in SAIM are guided by:
  • Emphasis on application of theoretical and conceptual framework to address managerial issues.
  • Teaching based on the concept of peer learning.
  • Interaction and experience sharing among students and faculty.
  • Collaboration and networking with reputed institutions in South Asia and abroad.
  • Emphasis on group work and team building.
  • Strong support through Faculty Advisors and Counselors.
  • Computer aided learning.