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Walking the Walk all the way to Lisbon

Walking the Walk all the way to Lisbon

Purushottam Mallick is a BBA student at SAIM College. He is currently studying while simultaneously pursuing a modelling career. Recently he won the title of “Top Model Nepal 2017”. In October 2018, he will be participating in “Best Global Model of the Year” that is going to be held in Lisbon, Portugal. He’s one of the few Nepalese to participate in global competition, competing with 50 participants from all around the world.

We, the SAIM team, talked with Purushottam Mallick to learn about his experiences in the modelling field and at SAIM college. Here’s a glimpse of our conversation:

How did you began your modelling career?

Well, it’s actually the other way round. I was preparing myself for the MBBS entrance examination. It was my third attempt and I was not able to get a scholarship. One day, I saw a modelling competition advertisement on Facebook. At that moment something sparked in my mind; I decided to participate and that’s when things started to change for the better. I took part and won the title “Top Model Nepal 2017” as well as the “Best Walk” title. For a model winning the title is crucial but achieving the best walk title is something extraordinary.

Why did you choose SAIM college for BBA?

I saw great opportunity in the Business field. I decided to study BBA to acquire professional skills and carry on with my modelling career. I googled and found SAIM colleges among the top 3 colleges in Nepal. Later, I enrolled and pursued my BBA at SAIM college.

As a student, how did you balance your study and modelling career?

If it wasn't for SAIM, I would have a very hard time balancing my passion and education. Teachers are very cooperative and understandings, not only for me but also for every SAIM student. SAIM college has taught me important values in life. It’s important to articulate and voice your opinion. The real learning happens only by understanding the real problems and finding innovative solutions. Besides that, the skills I gain studying BBA such as presentation skills, leadership skills, communication skills, critical thinking and decision making skills have helped me upgrade my modelling career.

How did you manage your Sponsorship program?

In the fashion and modeling industry, the biggest challenge is searching for sponsors. There are many expenses involved and you cannot do it all by yourself. So, I reached out to different patrons - talked about myself, what I’m currently doing, how can I create value for them and was able to manage sponsorship. Right now, I’m preparing for an upcoming competition. SAIM college helped me look for sponsorships, designer clothes and flight tickets for the “Best Global Model of the Year” event. SAIM college commemorates students for their outstanding achievement which is unique about SAIM.

What message would you like to give to others looking for similar platform?

The biggest assets in life is time and money. You must learn the value of time and money to succeed in life. I would like to tell everyone to use their time, money and energy wisely to achieve their dreams. Everything you are going through in life is preparing you for what you desire and deserve. You need to embrace the struggle as it will make you a stronger person. Failure is the greatest lessons in life. Though I failed in the past, I learnt lessons from my shortcomings, put myself out there and tried new things. I didn’t allow my setbacks to hold me back from living my dream and neither should anyone else.