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The technical competencies imparted and the personality virtues accentuated by SAIM has helped lead its graduates to a diversified platter of jobs and employers after or even before graduation. The holistic and global mindset and the consummate capabilities of the SAIM students is contributing integral inputs for operations, management, and strategy in the following capabilities for the thereafter following list of employers of various specialties:

Total Number of Graduates and Awaiting Final Results (MBA Global Business, as at July 28, 2014): 116

Positions being served and frequency:

  • Senior Managers and Managers: 9
  • Supervisors: 15
  • Assistants: 17
  • Educators and Researchers: 9
  • Entrepreneurs: 19
  • Employed Abroad: 4

The institutions that have accepted SAIM students:

  • Chaudhary Group
  • Gorkha Brewery
  • Music Nepal
  • D2 Hawkeye Nepal
  • Selin Pvt. Ltd (Builders)
  • Laxmi Bank
  • Ace Travels
  • Goldengate College
  • NMB Capital
  • NIC Asia Bank
  • Mero Job
  • American Life Insurance
  • Plan Nepal (INGO)
  • I.F. Security Co.
  • Sipradi Trading
  • Gokarna Resort
  • Jyoti Bikash Bank
  • F1 Soft Pvt. Ltd (IT Solutions)
  • Siddhartha Bank
  • United Finance
  • The British Council
  • Hope Heritage (INGO)
  • The Association of Craft Producers
  • The Nagarik Daily
  • Civil Bank
  • The Annapurna Post
  • Shangri-La Housing
  • Birat Investments
  • Lumbini Agro Product Research Center
  • Citizens Bank
  • Sherpa Outdoors (Adventure Apparel and Accessories)
  • Global Commodities and Derivative Services
  • South Asian Institute of Management
  • Hotel Shangri-la
  • Zen Nepal Tours and Travels

Note: The above concerns the first positions and organizations joined by SAIM MBA (Global Business) students and hence may not be reflective of subsequent moves to other posts and organizations.

The equal emphasis given to the spirit and pursuit of entrepreneurship stemming from the pupils is reflected in the high number of graduates that have endeavored to establish institutes and production units of various scopes. The following outlines the entrepreneurs and their chosen undertakings:

Mr. Bishes Pradhananga, “Kumari IT Nepal Spotlight Pvt. Ltd.”
Mr. Ijan Pradhan, “Tara International Pvt. Ltd.” (IT Solutions)
Mr. Nirajan Shakya, “The Heritage Nepal Pvt. Ltd.” (Export Company)
Mr. Prajal Sapkota, “Kidsafe – Lets Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.”
Ms. Sangeeta Dhakal, “LA Splash Pvt. Ltd.” (Cosmetics Showroom and Suppliers)
Mr. Trimir Maharjan, “MC Builders Pvt. Ltd” (Real-estate)
Mr. Arjun Pandeya, “Ultimate Cricket Indoors Pvt. Ltd.”
Mr. Konchyok Palden Lopchan, “Khasyor International Pvt. Ltd.” (Tibetan Handicrafts Showroom and Exports)
Mr. Regan Prasain, “Doko Industries Pvt. Ltd.” (Agro Producer)
Mr. Rupendra Shumsher Thapa, “Doko Industries Pvt. Ltd” (Agro Producer)
Mr. Atit Gurung, “Suman Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.”
Ms. Madhu Priya Dugar, “Ishani Infosis Pvt. Ltd” (Electronics and IT Supplier)
Ms. Mira Khadgi, “Tirupati Bag Industries Pvt. Ltd.”
Mr. Ravi Kumar Keyal, “Durga Trading Conern” (Distributor)
Mr. Rikesh Shakya, “Sincere” (Clothing and Accessories Showroom)
Mr. Samyam Joshi, “Biju Plastics Industries”
Mr. Milan Limbu Thebe, “Evergreen Farm” (Organic Agro Producer)
Mr. Prashanna Maharjan, “Picture of Production” (Media Production House)
Mr. Rohit Tekriwal, “Rohi International” (Furniture Showroom and Supplier)
Mr. Dijesh Bahadur Pradhanang, Hardware Showroom