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BBA Colleges in Nepal | How to choose the best one?

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree has become incredibly popular in Nepal over the last decades. There is a multitude of reasons for choosing a BBA degree over others. One of the key reasons we often hear from our students is that BBA course covers in-depth knowledge with practical applications in business and management. Along with its popularity, the number of BBA colleges in Nepal offering bachelor degrees has increased significantly over the last decade.

Like every year, when the time for admission comes, most of the BBA colleges in Nepal are promoting themselves stating they have the best education and resources to attract a large number of students. Unfortunately, students and parents often contemplate while choosing the best BBA colleges in Nepal when there are so many options out there.

So, we try to make it simple for students who are opting for the best BBA college in Nepal. There are several other factors you need to consider besides the reputation of the college. Here are the key things you need to look for:


Academic Quality


The college's affiliation with major university tells a lot about the type of courses they’re offering. You need to know about the college affiliation to university and the courses they are offering. Affiliation can be a stepping stone for accreditation of any degree offerings for colleges.

At present, BBA colleges in Nepal are providing courses in affiliation to 4 major universities of Nepal. For detail information about various universities offering different BBA courses, follow the given link below.

1. BBA [ Purbanchal University]

2. BBA [ Kathmandu University ]

3. BBA [ Tribhuvan University ]

4. BBA [ Pokhara University ]

5. BBA-BI [ Pokhara University ]


Graduation rates

The percentage of college graduates every year is an important indicator of the academic quality of colleges. College graduation rate matters because it plays a major role in shaping your future career. Always look for a college that has high graduation percentage and years of experience in providing education.


Faculty members engagement with students

One of the key reasons for the popularity of BBA program is they use active learning methods such as presentations, group discussions, field visits/ case studies and project works. Implication of multi teaching methods can develop various interpersonal and professional skills for the students. And, teachers play a pivotal role in interacting with students and challenging them academically.

Research by Gallup shows that students enhance both their academic achievement and higher self-confidence if college teachers reach out and mentor them. That’s why you need to look for a college with excellent faculty members who spare some time off class hours to help students in need of clarification. Moreover, if there aren’t enough faculty member to guide the students, the students might not get enough attention on their pursuit of academic enlightenment.  

Teaching style

Many BBA colleges in Nepal are still practising traditional lecture method to teach students. A new study finds that the traditional lectures are not only boring but also have higher undergraduate failure rates than those using active learning techniques. The studies have further shown that student performs better academically when teachers apply active learning methods as part of their academic curriculum. So, you need to look for BBA colleges in Nepal who actually practices active learning methods in their teaching style.


Extracurricular Activities

When choosing BBA College in Nepal, like most people we focus mostly on the aspect of academic curriculum. But only focusing on academic success doesn't make you a well-rounded person, therefore, to go on an extra mile, extracurricular activities are essential. As a prospective student, you need to look for extracurricular activities and clubs that the college has provided.

Extracurricular activities have a distinct advantage for students in their holistic development.  Research on college graduates finds that the type of institution matters less than what they experienced there

In other words, what students are actually doing in college and how they’re experiencing it, can have a profound effect on their career success. Active participation in various extracurricular activities gives students an opportunity to engage in various work roles, develop their ability to work in team and prepares them for the real world.


Cost of Study

Many students opt for college with “reputation” without considering the actual cost of a study. As a result, they end up paying more, resulting in financial repercussions (student debt ) upon graduation. That’s why you need to consider the cost of study before choosing a college.

You have to calculate the actual cost of a degree before applying. Include all the relevant cost of studies such as tuition, fees, room, books, travel, cafeteria and miscellaneous expenses. If you are getting a scholarship, you can deduct the total cost to find out the net cost of BBA degree. This gives you an approximate cost of your 4-year undergraduate degree.

Therefore, planning and budgeting plays an important role especially if you are independently financing for yourself. Furthermore, a tip to make your finance easier is to increase the total fee by 10%, can save the increment as part of your miscellaneous expenses just in case you face an unforeseen expenses.


Career Services

Internship initiatives

Many BBA colleges in Nepal have made internship mandatory for students as part of their BBA curriculum. Students have to take part in an internship before they graduate college so that they’ll get a basic understanding of business culture and practices. Moreover, internship prepares students for the job market by bridging the gap between academic education and real business world. Students can further apply their theoretical learnings and understanding to a practical application while they are interning or working in the corporate sector.

Before choosing the best BBA colleges in Nepal to pursue your bachelor degree, make sure how the colleges are helping students for internship initiatives.


Alumni Network

For BBA students building a strong network with people from different professional field can be truly beneficial for their career. Taking advantage of networking events and connecting with past alumni can be a solid investment that can pay off good returns after graduation.

When selecting a college, make sure the college you’re going to attend have strong alumni networks. Also, find out how colleges assist students in connecting with alumni. For instance, you can check college website or calender to see how often they organize alumni meetups, networking nights and other alumni events.



Many BBA colleges in Nepal are assuring students 100% placements after graduation. The question is are they really doing it or is it a marketing gimmick to attract students? You can research about college placements with college alumni. Find out how they are actually facilitating students for placements after college graduation.

About BBA program at SAIM college

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) programme at SAIM college is a four-year undergraduate degree affiliated with Pokhara University.

SAIM College offers distinct courses on BBA and MBA programme that focuses on enhancing the holistic approach of student life and their career success. Throughout the years, SAIM college has successfully educated thousands of graduates from various BBA and MBA programmes in Nepal.

SAIM College focuses on providing quality education with adequate research and outstanding faculty to prepare students with skills that are most sought in the global job market.

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