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Everything you need to know about the MBA Global Business at SAIM College

A MBA Global Business degree is ideal for students who want to gain highly sought after skills in business and management for their career success.

As there are so many business schools in Nepal offering different types of MBA programme to choose from, you might be wondering about which MBA degree is a good fit for you. Each MBA programme is appropriate for different working professionals. Here’s an outline about MBA Global Business program at South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM College) and what you can get out of this programme.


What MBA Global Business degree stands for?

MBA Global Business degree is an intensive two-year Master in Business Administration programme of Pokhara University offered at SAIM College. The course duration is 2 years. Each academic year is divided into three terms (trimester).

The MBA Global Business program deals with decision-making tools and functional areas as well as provide students with more exposure to the global business environment and management practices.

Unlike general MBA programme, the MBA Global Business programme is designed to prepare managers, leaders and entrepreneurs who are well equipped with knowledge about global and regional trends in businesses. The general MBA programme provides little exposure to the global trend whereas the MBA Global Business programme prepares students to think differently and take up new challenges in the age of globalization.

The MBA Global Business programme deals with various factors such as political, economic, social and cultural issues that affect the global business environment and prepare students with skills to operate in a global business landscape. Upon completion of the programme, students will develop leadership and administration abilities as well as understand different avenues of business practices.


MBA Global Business Programme Requirements

In order to be eligible for the MBA Global business program, students must have a bachelor degree in any discipline with 45% of aggregate marks or 2 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the undergraduate level.

The admission procedure to the MBA Global Business programme at SAIM College is based on applicants academic performance, statement of objectives, recommendation, scores on entrance test and overall performance in interview and group discussion. The application will be evaluated holistically, and students must be able to perform well in all areas.


MBA Global Business Curriculum Structure

MBA Global Business is a diverse programme where students can choose from a wide selection of courses. The course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge of the business. MBA Global Business programme has 5 structured levels of courses:

  • Foundational and Analytical Courses (19 credit)

  • Core and Functional Courses (20 credits)

  • Global Business Focused Integrative Courses (12 credits)

  • Specialization Courses (8 credits)

  • Electives (4 credits)


Foundation and Analytic courses

[19 credits]

Core and Functional courses [20 credits]

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis (3)

  • Managerial Communication (2)

  • Communication and Skills Practicum (1)

  • Economic Analysis for Business (3)

  • Macroeconomics and the Global Economy (2)

  • Management Information System (3)

  • Business Statistics (3)

  • Data Analysis for Decision Modeling (2)

  • Management Accounting (2)

  • Financial Management (2)

  • Organizational Behaviour and Leadership (2)

  • Human Resource Management (2)

  • Operations and Service Management (2)

  • Business Environment and Analysis (3)

  • Strategic Management (3)

  • Marketing Management (2)

  • Business Research and Methodology (2)

Global Business Focused Integrative Courses [12 credits]

Electives [4 credits]

  • International Business (2)

  • Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation (2)

  • Global Business Development Plan (1)

  • Seminar in Business and Development in South and Southeast Asia (1)

  • International Management (2)

  • Cross-Cultural Communications and Negotiations (2)

  • Seminar in International Strategic Management (2)

  • Quality Management Strategies (2)

  • Innovation and Venture Initiation (2)

  • Econometrics and Business Forecasting (2)

  • Knowledge Management (2)

  • Management Control System (2)

  • Independent Study (2)


Concentration [8 credits]

The concentration courses equip students with in-depth focus study. Students are required to take four courses of two credit hours each from their chosen area. Students can take a concentration in any of these courses:

  • Finance

  • Human Resource Management

  • Information System

  • Global Marketing

Furthermore, in the sixth term, students have to take up project work to prepare themselves with skills and gain practical work experience in the real business world. Students are required to complete 69 credit hours altogether including project work to earn MBA Global Business degree.

Your career after MBA Global Business degree

MBA Global Business has been designed to provide students with skills to embark career on management and administration. Upon completion of degree, our students are fully equipped to start up their ventures or even take a leadership role at global organization. Furthermore, students seeking for job placements and opportunities have added benefits to bolster their career after completion of the courses.


Decide for yourself: Is MBA Global Business worth for you?

No doubt, having an MBA Global Business degree offers many benefits for students and working professionals. The programme equips them with knowledge and skills so that they can take up any challenges in constantly changing business world. MBA graduates are likely to earn much more than without a degree. Furthermore, the relationship and network you build in classes could facilitate endless advancement in your career.

If you want to level up and lead, then MBA Global business is the right choice for you. South Asian Institute of Management (SAIM College) is a reputed education provider of MBA Global business and BBA program in Nepal. SAIM College is affiliated to Pokhara University and is dedicated to developing managers and entrepreneurs with leadership skills and global mindset through its outstanding programme. Students at SAIM college are not only taught academic courses but also focuses on enhancing the holistic approach of student life and their career success.

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