SAIM College

Opportunities in Crisis Story 1 [ SAIM Lecture Series ]

SAIM does not only focus on imparting curriculum-based education. It equally emphasizes on education that requires exploring new knowledge, information and innovation. To incorporate this value in practice, SAIM has taken a step forward and has proudly started a “SAIM Lectures Series”. This series began during the time of COVID-19 crisis and has continuously been going on once every two weeks.  

With the tremendous energy and interest shown by SAIMians in regards to this series, guests from various fields have taken part to share their knowledge, experience and understanding as per their area of expertise.  

The overwhelming response from the students as well as the guests have continuously inspired us to work more and accomplish more in the days to come. With the help of this interactive session we aim to build a strong world to the student so that they would have handful of knowledge during their job placement.