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Why Start Your Career with a BBA college in Kathmandu


Have you ever dreamt of having an important role in a major business firm or corporation? Or maybe you’ve thought of building your own business empire? Well, you may or may not know that all your future in the business world starts with a BBA college in Kathmandu.


While you're getting ready to pursue higher education, deciding on a degree to help achieve future goals is a critical decision. Furthermore, if you're interested in entering the business field, researching available Bachelor of Business Administration programs and BBA college in Kathmandu may be beneficial.


But what are the most important aspects of a BBA? What will you study? How much money will you earn? Which is the best BBA college in Kathmandu? Well, we’re here to help and answer some of those questions.


What is a BBA Degree?


A BBA program is designed to introduce to foundational principles and practices in the business world. A BBA degree in Kathmandu helps students prepare for challenges of managerial and administrative roles. Courses and learning experiences are different from program to program; however, a BBA program usually covers business ethics, theories of management, economics, marketing, and financial management, hence a complete summary of things you will encounter in a corporate world.


So why should you pursue a BBA degree?


Like with every profession, there are certain skill sets that you must possess to tackle the problems you face in a  business environment. This is exactly what a degree in BBA can be for you and let's not forget a BBA degree can help create a niche for yourself  Let’s take a detailed and convincing look at the reasons to start your career at a BBA college in Kathmandu.


BBA degrees are very diverse and versatile


Well, by now we all know the importance of education, but focusing a degree in business is a right ingredient for any students to excel well in any industries or sectors. BBA programmes are usually the most comprehensive management degrees, and they offer the most knowledge and practical application. Additionally, the fundamentals of a business degree program can translate to management and administration. Therefore, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree might be suitable for you if you want to move forward with your current path and yet want the flexibility to change industries or careers, if you decide to do so in the future.


BBA helps you highlight your skills for the job market


According to the American National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2017, 72.3% of employers surveyed said that they planned to hire graduates with a business degree from the graduating class of 2017. Of all major degrees included in the report, business degrees were second in demand only to engineering.1


While a degree doesn't guarantee you a job in your field of study, it may be helpful when considering different opportunities and employer demands.


Enhance your managerial skills


In today’s competitive world, professionals are expected to be experts in their industry as well as highly skilled, fluent and confident. Pursuing a degree from a BBA college in Kathmandu will help you build your personality from the ground up, while allowing you to learn how to communicate and discuss your ideas, proposals, solutions, etc.


Apart from enhancing your communication capabilities, a BBA course also improves your business and managerial skills. This is one of the most vital requirements for a business management graduate. Pursuing BBA allows student to develop managerial perspectives along with entrepreneurial skills upon completing the degree.


Building a Business Acumen through Practical Learning


The right BBA college in Kathmandu helps you get unrivalled exposure to real-world learnings, challenges, work experiences, and projects. Everything from internships at top organizations to seminars and interactions with business leaders, it is the practical learning opportunity that will help you scale your career and explore new avenues. All of these experiences can cultivate the business leader in you as you work to accelerate your career to the pinnacle.


In an emerging country like Nepal, companies are increasing in size and startups are also emerging rapidly. These companies or startups seek candidates with holistic business knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills. BBA graduates with these skills can easily find great opportunities and become a part of operations, marketing, core business, sales, or strategy team.


So if you’re looking for the perfect BBA college in Kathmandu to kick start your career in the business world, look no further than SAIM College. The BBA Program at the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) of Pokhara University is designed to prepare professional managers and entrepreneurs needed for the nation. The program provides students with sound conceptual foundation and practical skills in various areas of management.


Visit our college today to see how SAIM can help your future.