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    Opportunities in Crisis Story 1 [ SAIM Lecture Series ]

    SAIM does not only focus on imparting curriculum-based education. It equally emphasizes on education that requires exploring new knowledge, information and innovation. To incorporate this value in practice, SAIM has taken a step forward and has proudly started a “SAIM Lectu...


    The best job interview tips for college graduates

    Every year thousands of college students graduate from business school. With the increasing number of graduates entering the workforce, getting a job has become harder than ever.  If you are hunting for a job, you need to stand out from your competitors and make a good impression in your job...


    Surviving College: 6 Handy Tips For College Freshers

    Now that you’re finally done with school, you might be all giddy and excited to start your college life. You probably dream about graduating and getting a job before you’ve even started your first day of college. Not to burst your bubble here, but before living the good life, you’l...


    The secret to become more effective at influencing others | SAIM College

    The workplace is changing in the modern age, so is the organisational structure. Having an authority in top management team doesn’t mean you have a superpower to influence your team. In fact, influencing in the workplace has nothing to do with authority especially if you are working in a flat...


    How to write a perfect professional Email? | SAIM College

    Email is the most preferred form of written communication in the business world, so it’s critical that you know the key elements of writing a perfect professional email. A well written professional email labels you as a professional communicator. Moreover, writing a good professional email mak...


    The art of making decisions | SAIM College

    I glanced through the restaurant menu and find myself struggling with making decision where each item is appealing to me in a different manner. I took several minutes to decide my order, but I guess you have been in a situation like this before. After much deliberation, I realize the above situat...


    What does it take to build an effective team?

    There is a popular saying among sports coaches - “A champion team will always beat a team of champions”.  Simply put, effective team members working together in a perfect harmony is what makes a team highly functioning and successful than a talented individual. Whether it’s...


    5 signs you are emotionally intelligent | SAIM College

    We all know people who can remain resilient in stressful situations as if nothing has happened at all. They develop their ability to control their emotions and read other people's emotions too. They understand people better and know how to inspire them to take action.   People who are...


    Tips to find jobs for freshers | SAIM College

    Hunting jobs for freshers can be daunting, especially if you are making the transition from your acamedia to professional life. Starting a professional career is never easy as you have to deal with uncertainties and unknown challenges. In most cases, lack of proper career guidance or preparation mig...


    How good are your leadership skills? | SAIM College

    Imagine a world where almost every person is naturally inspired to go to work, they love their job and have a sense of fulfillment in what they do. There is no “Thank God It’s Friday” notion, nor  “I hate Monday”; everyone wakes up with great inspiration to seize t...


    Study Smart: 5 Tips To Help You Learn Faster

    We’ve all been there: a day before an exam, trying to cram everything, your brain addled with numbers and anxiety. With tears threatening to roll down your face, you pull an all-nighter, and pray to every God you know of - this is it, your moment of grave lamentation. Okay, we may have dram...


    Effective time management tips that genuinely work | SAIM College

    Do you find yourself not having enough time to get your things done? Do you tend to procrastinate, till the last minute? Do you often stress about deadlines? If you are a person with some sort of characteristics mentioned above, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we cover effec...


    5 Ways To Make The Most Out of Your Internship Program | SAIM College

    It’s a first-world problem for every young job seeker out there: “You need experience to get experience.” Finding a job can be hard when you’re fresh out of college and employers are looking for young graduates with 20 years of experience. A bit of an exaggeration, yes, but l...


    5 essential soft skills you need to succeed in your career | SAIM College

    To get ahead in your career, you have to know what skills companies are actually looking for. One thing is for sure, employers are looking for hard skills along with soft skills.   So what are hard skills and soft skills?   Hard skills are specific technical skills that can be...


    SAIM College | The Scope of MBA in Nepal

    It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that with rapid digitization and opportunities popping up, Nepalese businesses are progressing at an accelerated rate. They’re looking for fresh faces and brilliant minds to enter the workforce. Of course, this means that there are thousands of people...


    Why You Should Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills | SAIM College

    When the industrial revolution first hit like a tidal wave, companies were obsessed with mass production. This meant that as an employee, you were supposed to follow significant patterns with little to no meaningful, innovative input. However, with rapid automation replacing manual labor, employers...


    How a BBA Degree from SAIM can help you with your career | SAIM College

    When you think about a BBA degree, you might think of long, exhausting hours, pouring into endless stacks of paper, dealing with numbers and eventually landing a job at a bank. However, there’s more to a BBA degree than you think. Whether you’re interested in numbers, want to work wit...


    SAIM College | How to Stop Procrastinating: 6 Useful Tips for College Students

    Do you ever procrastinate to the point where you know that you’re doing it, but you still can’t stop procrastinating? You constantly stress over the impending deadline, give yourself a pep-talk, but wind up putting it off again.   The end result? You pull in all-nighters, curs...


    MBA Programme in Nepal: Should you get an MBA?

    Should you get into an MBA Programme? How can you decide whether MBA program is right for you? For many students and business professionals, deciding to pursue an MBA programme is a big decision, as it requires commitment and investment of the two utter most important assets in your life: time an...


    Things you should do for career success | SAIM College

    How do students prepare themselves in their college life for future career success? For most students, their undergraduate career starts in their late teens or early 20s. It is a great opportunity to redefine yourself and lay the foundation for the rest of your life. As a college student, many...


    BBA Colleges in Nepal | How to choose the best one?

    Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree has become incredibly popular in Nepal over the last decades. There is a multitude of reasons for choosing a BBA degree over others. One of the key reasons we often hear from our students is that BBA course covers in-depth knowledge with practical app...


    Everything you need to know about the MBA Global Business at SAIM College

    A MBA Global Business degree is ideal for students who want to gain highly sought after skills in business and management for their career success. As there are so many business schools in Nepal offering different types of MBA programme to choose from, you might be wondering about which MBA degre...


    Why Start Your Career with a BBA college in Kathmandu | SAIM College

    Why Start Your Career with a BBA college in Kathmandu   Have you ever dreamt of having an important role in a major business firm or corporation? Or maybe you’ve thought of building your own business empire? Well, you may or may not know that all your future in the business world st...


    5 tips for college students to develop good study habits

    Have you ever thought what sets apart the most successful student in college from the average ones? Some students are able to accomplish academic achievements with good GPA despite putting less time and effort in their study. On the other hand, there are students who appear to be bookworms, study al...


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    South Asian Institute of Management believes in the fact that the only way to bring positive change in society is to have consistency in what is felt, said and done..... My association with SAIM is almost 10 years long and I believe that one of the best thing that happened to me is my decision to...