SAIM College

Chairman, SAIM

The South AsianInstitute of Management(SAIM) is a group of individuals to establish a regional learning center in Kathmandu, Nepal to address the growing need of professional managers, entrepreneurs and business leaders in South Asia.

It is a vision that one day the world will be a small global marketplace, and a tremendous opportunity exists for South Asia to develop, grow and flourish alongside developed economies in this global marketplace. We at SAIM believe what the region needs most, are professional managers and entrepreneurs who have a deep understand- ing of the region, its people and their deep-rooted cultural values while at the same time are equipped with modern skills, knowledge, and the inspiration to shape the future with their leadership qualities and vision.

We understand that establishing a regional learning center of excellence is a challenging task, a task that calls for a high degree of commitment, dedication, and perseverance.In fact, this very challenge that we have set for ourselves is what motivates us to work together to produce leaders who will help shape the future with their practical contributions and vision, to recruit and develop a world-class faculty and program, and to address effectively the regional and global issues. We look forward to this journey to make this vision a reality.

Dr. Prakash Chandra Lohani