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Academic Head Message

Academic Head

Prof. Sabina Tuladhar

South Asian Institute of Management believes in the fact that the only way to bring positive change in society is to have consistency in what is felt, said and done.....

My association with SAIM is almost 10 years long and I believe that one of the best thing that happened to me is my decision to get associated with SAIM through which I got the platform to connect with my SAIM students and enhance the positivity in our surrounding. I am well acquainted with the fact that students choose SAIM for its strong faculty members and SAIM does its best to live up to their expectation so that when they leave SAIM they have genuine smile on their faces, confidence in their eyes and warmth in their heart to connect, serve and empathize with today’s market.

When good natured students come to SAIM we nurture them in such a way that when they go to the market they are admired for their competencies, work ethics and the emotional intelligence. We try to bring best in our students through best possible teaching resources, practical exposures, experiential learning such as case studies, film making, role playing, internship and project works so that they can face the market as a corporate athlete with both technical expertise and emotional intelligence. Here at SAIM we believe that education should not only educate our mind but should also educate our heart.

The amenable and learning culture at SAIM do enhance the amiable relationship among faculty and students so that we can bring best out of our students. SAIM students’ success is SAIM’s success. Their achievement give us the intrinsic satisfaction. “Determination is the Key to Success”. Giving respect to this sagacious words at SAIM we have the environment which motivate the students to invest and manage their time and energy in the process of continuous leaning today so they can reap the success in future.

We ASPIRE our students to learn. We nurture them in such a way that they hold positive attitude towards their studies by honing their surveying capacity, problem solving ability, inquisitiveness, relating ability and self-evaluating capacity to find their worth in today’s global market.

Thus providing the holistic learning environment and fostered reading culture, SAIM is providing critical decision makers and visionaries to the market with humanistic and optimistic values.