SAIM College

SAIM Entrepreneurship Club

The SAIM Student Society is the governing student body at South Asian College of Management. It is an initiative of the students, established with the vision of promoting a cooperative culture among students and to enhance their leadership skills. The purpose of the Student Society is to further the best interests of all students at the college through student representation in matters affecting student life and affairs by promoting and supervising club activities and improving community relations. SAIM Student Society supports the overall development of students by engaging them in various activities relating to business, sports, culture and career. Realizing the necessity for student self-governance, the SAIM Student Society was officially founded in 2010.

The SAIM Student Society consists of 18 members; 10 members are elected from the election between the students and these students will represent the core member of the Society, and rest 8 member will be the class representatives of their respective classes. SAIM Student Society will be lead by the President of the society, who will have the tenure of 1 Year for the operation.