SAIM College

Virtual Orientation and Induction for MBA Fall 2020.

Date: 5th November 2020 till 11th November 2020.


During the orientation the students got oriented and motivated by SAIM full time faculty members, Mr. Ashok Raj Pandey, Mr. Rameshore Khanal, Ms. Dyuti Baral, Ms. Sabina Tuladhar and Mr. Bishal Shrestha in their respective fields. Apart from that the real world practitioners like Mr. K.B. Manadhar, Ex-Governor of NRB, Mr. Pradeep Raj Pandey from NMB Bank, Ms. Tina Saud from Subisu, Mr. Jayant Mani Kayastha (SAIM Alumni) from Ncell, Mr. Sreejan Shrestha (SAIM Alumni) from Via net, Mr. Sumana Bajracharya from Uni Lever, Ms. Nirmala Poudel from Prabhu Bank and Mr. Deepak Chapagain (SAIM Alumni) from Volunteer Corps Nepal also were the resource persons for SAIM orientation and induction. Most of the practitioners are also the visiting faculty members at SAIM.

The students were also given the opportunity to interact and learn from their senior MBA students about different clubs, activities, and events at SAIM College.

The online orientation and induction was really fruitful and added a good lane for the learning journey at SAIM. They were made ready for 360 Degree Development at SAIM College through holistic learning environment that enhances both their intellectual and emotional intelligence.