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SAIM Entrepreneurship Club initiated a donation program for the underprivileged children of the schools of Southern Lalitpur. Teach For Nepal fellow students helped SAIM Entrepreneurship Club to identify the students and the school. We collected donations from friends, family, teachers and other acquaintances. We would like to thank every donor for becoming the Santa to the children over there. We donated winter goodies to students of Shree Janak SS, Katuwa Gimdi, Shree Bidhyadhishwori SS, Aashrang, Shree Narayani SS, Gimdi, Shree Chandeshwori Secondary School, Simple, Shree Jana Jagrit SS, Ikudol and Shree Kalidevi SS, Malta. However, our volunteers could visit only the schools of Ikudol and Malta. On the rest of the schools, we passed on the goodies to the Teach For Nepal fellows. We would like to thank SAIM College। सायम कलेज for being so supportive in this venture. Thank you, everyone, who was part of this campaign. 

We are on Instagram as well. Our Instagram handle is @saimentrepreneurshipclub

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